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When I was a young boy, I remember my dad bought a shed from Sears. A man arrived with a stack of materials and wasted no time starting to cut shapes and nailing pieces together.

It was amazing to me how he would methodically choose the right piece, measure, cut, and set into place a board that would continually transform the shape of the structure. Although his attitude wasn’t the greatest and he didn’t want me around handling the saws or his cigarettes or anything else, I was so interested that I set up camp close by and watched him the entire afternoon. The shed was complete in all of its glory that evening, and is probably still there today.

I didn’t know it at the time but carpentry and creating with a gamut of materials would become my life’s passion. It is rewarding to bring people’s ideas to life, combining functionality with beauty for many years of enjoyment.

Every job won’t always be fun and it may not even turn into something that I particularly like stylewise, but it is usually in those times, I am reminded that a true master can create anything he wants within his own reality.

-Matt Parker
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